IGTV show

Starting with the launch of Instagram’s IGTV in 2018, together with content creator Luigi Zanni I developed a vertical video format in Italian for sustainability news media LifeGate. I wrote and presented all episodes, each dedicated to a specific topic – ranging from the effects of climate change, to the last European parliamentary election, to the France 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup – providing information through engaging storytelling enriched with clips and graphics.

France 2019, Italy at the World Cup is a victory for all women
(June 2019)
Sustainability according to communities in the Amazon
(May 2019)
Why we should vote in the European elections in May
(May 2019)
Why Scotland is investing 1 million pounds in its natural capital
(April 2019)
Does it make sense to celebrate International Women’s Day?
(March 2019)
Matera, how the shame of Italy became European Capital of Culture
(March 2019)
Who are Fridays for Future and what do they want
(Feb 2018)
Oceans protect us, it’s time we do the same for them
(Feb 2018)
Will Jair Bolsonaro trample the rights of indigenous Brazilians?
(Jan 2018)
Why was Italy devastated by extreme weather in October?
(November 2018)
A couple of monkeys win Wildlife Photographer of the Year
(November 2018)
Why urban forests are the answer to climate change
(October 2018, special project for the World Forum of Urban Forests)
A scorching summer is a sign that climate change is already happening
(October 2018)

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