Lifestyle & Travel articles

I’m interested in the lifestyle & travel, in particular stories that go beyond what the eye can see, exploring the subtext behind life’s pleasures.

I wrote an article about Carmine Amarante, a young Italian chef who received his first Michelin star in Tokyo, for Tokyo Weekender, the leading English-language lifestyle magazine in Japan. Based on extensive interviews with Amarante, it explores the joys and hardships of his personal journey as well as his approach to creating exquisite dishes. The article retraces the chef’s roots in his hometown of Naples, Italy, and narrates how he has drawn a line throughout his career connecting his heritage to the universe of fine dining – therefore offering a new perspective on Italian cooking, usually associated with simple, rustic foods and rarely seen as an elegant cuisine rich in complexities.

I also told of my journey across the Daisetsuzan, Japan’s largest national park and home to Hokkaido’s tallest peak, together with co-author Francesco Bassetti. The article evokes the personal experience of trekking the Grand Traverse, a four-day itinerary from Asahidake – the island’s highest mountain – to Tokachidake, an active volcano, while also relating useful travel information. It goes into the details of the trek’s highlights and characteristics, while also exploring the wider social context; the park and its environment significance to the culture of the Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido, and how the Grand Traverse as well as other such itineraries offer a vital opportunity to promote sustainable outdoor tourism, a growing market in Japan and worldwide.

In the end, my job is to move people. That’s it. I’m here to cook and communicate love.”

Carmine Amarante on Tokyo Weekender

Many superlatives and claims to fame surround Daisetsuzan, but one stands above them all. Its nature is incredibly wild and beautiful.

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